full_rary_tree(branching_factor, num_nodes, weights=None, multigraph=True)#

Creates a full r-ary tree of n nodes.

Sometimes called a k-ary, n-ary, or m-ary tree.

  • factor (int branching) – The number of children at each node.

  • num_nodes (int) – The number of nodes in the graph.

  • weights (list) – A list of node weights. If the number of weights is less than num_nodes, extra nodes with None will be appended. The number of weights cannot exceed num_nodes.

  • multigraph (bool) – When set to False the output PyGraph object will not be not be a multigraph and won’t allow parallel edges to be added. Instead calls which would create a parallel edge will update the existing edge.


A r-ary tree.

Return type:



IndexError – If the lenght of weights is greater that n

import rustworkx.generators
from rustworkx.visualization import mpl_draw

graph = rustworkx.generators.full_rary_tree(5, 15)