random_geometric_graph(num_nodes, radius, /, dim=2, pos=None, p=2.0, seed=None)#

Returns a random geometric graph in the unit cube of dimensions dim.

The random geometric graph model places num_nodes nodes uniformly at random in the unit cube. Two nodes are joined by an edge if the distance between the nodes is at most radius.

Each node has a node attribute 'pos' that stores the position of that node in Euclidean space as provided by the pos keyword argument or, if pos was not provided, as generated by this function.

  • num_nodes (int) – The number of nodes to create in the graph

  • radius (float) – Distance threshold value

  • dim (int) – Dimension of node positions. Default: 2

  • pos (list) – Optional list with node positions as values

  • p (float) – Which Minkowski distance metric to use. p has to meet the condition 1 <= p <= infinity. If this argument is not specified, the \(L^2\) metric (the Euclidean distance metric), p = 2 is used.

  • seed (int) – An optional seed to use for the random number generator


A PyGraph object

Return type: