graph_dijkstra_shortest_path_lengths(graph, node, edge_cost_fn, /, goal=None)#

Compute the lengths of the shortest paths for a PyGraph object using Dijkstra’s algorithm

  • graph (PyGraph) – The input graph to use

  • node (int) – The node index to use as the source for finding the shortest paths from

  • edge_cost_fn – A python callable that will take in 1 parameter, an edge’s data object and will return a float that represents the cost/weight of that edge. It must be non-negative

  • goal (int) – An optional node index to use as the end of the path. When specified the traversal will stop when the goal is reached and the output dictionary will only have a single entry with the length of the shortest path to the goal node.


A dictionary of the shortest paths from the provided node where the key is the node index of the end of the path and the value is the cost/sum of the weights of path

Return type:



ValueError – when an edge weight with NaN or negative value is provided.