This is the documentation for the current state of the development branch of rustworkx. The documentation or APIs here can change prior to being released.


directed_hexagonal_lattice_graph(rows, cols, bidirectional=False, multigraph=True)#

Generate a directed hexagonal lattice graph.

The edges propagate towards right and bottom direction if bidirectional is False

  • rows (int) – The number of rows to generate the graph with.

  • cols (int) – The number of rows to generate the graph with.

  • bidirectional – A parameter to indicate if edges should exist in both directions between nodes. Defaults to False.

  • multigraph (bool) – When set to False the output PyDiGraph object will not be not be a multigraph and won’t allow parallel edges to be added. Instead calls which would create a parallel edge will update the existing edge.


The generated directed hexagonal lattice graph.

Return type:



TypeError – If either rows or cols are not specified

import rustworkx.generators
from rustworkx.visualization import mpl_draw

graph = rustworkx.generators.directed_hexagonal_lattice_graph(2, 3)