This is the documentation for the current state of the development branch of rustworkx. The documentation or APIs here can change prior to being released.


PyDAG.incident_edges(node, /, all_edges=False)#

Return the list of edge indices incident to a provided node

You can later retrieve the data payload of this edge with get_edge_data_by_index() or its endpoints with get_edge_endpoints_by_index().

By default this method will only return the outgoing edges of the provided node. If you would like to access both the incoming and outgoing edges you can set the all_edges kwarg to True.

  • node (int) – The node index to get incident edges from. If this node index is not present in the graph this method will return an empty list and not error.

  • all_edges (bool) – If set to True both incoming and outgoing edges to node will be returned.


A list of the edge indices incident to a node in the graph

Return type: