networkx_converter(graph, keep_attributes=False)[source]#

Convert a networkx graph object into a rustworkx graph object.


networkx is not a dependency of rustworkx and this function is provided as a convenience method for users of both networkx and rustworkx. This function will not work unless you install networkx independently.

  • graph (networkx.Graph) – The networkx graph to convert.

  • keep_attributes (bool) – If True, add networkx node attributes to the data payload in the nodes of the output rustworkx graph. When set to True, the node data payloads in the output rustworkx graph object will be dictionaries with the node attributes from the input networkx graph where the "__networkx_node__" key contains the node from the input networkx graph.


A rustworkx graph, either a PyDiGraph or a PyGraph based on whether the input graph is directed or not.

Return type:

PyDiGraph or PyGraph